Sindi Larasati

Sindi Larasati

Product Designer (GoToko)

Tentang Saya

Hi, I'm Sindy! Currently, I work as a UIUX Designer in Bluebird Group. My responsibility is not limited to designing an interface, but also doing research and giving design advice on the existing solution from PM, Developer, or Stakeholders or even challenging them. Right now I handle several projects, covering mobile and desktop platforms, such as My Bluebird Revamp, Logistic, and School Bus Tracker.


Research Writing Creative Problem Solving Design Thinking Design System Collaboration Presentation Figma Miro Whimsical Overflow


  • UI/UX Designer

    Bluebird Group
  • Social Media Specialist

    PT Tuca Internusa Esensial
  • Content Writer

    CV Satria
  • Geophysicist

    Indogeo Social Enterprise

Group: Rp 250.000

Private: Rp 600.000